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What Cars will be future classics

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Identifying future classics is a tough but potentially profitable business. Here are our picks for future classics to look out for:

Nothingness, they say, sweetens the heart. And as once-familiar cars are gradually disappearing from our roads, it's hard not to move on the rare chance you see them. When was the last time you saw a Jaguar X300 or a Bentley Arnage T? It's even more of a reason for celebration when you see a great car become a classic.

How to spot a future classic

There's a trick to finding future classics, and it's all in a few key characters. Some signs are clearer than others. For example, attractive style, desire, and rarity are fairly common things to look out for. Other attributes are a little more difficult to quantify, but a car with a revolutionary technology or design also has a better chance of increasing value.

The classic car market is in a great shape right now, so there's never been a better time to get your hands on a classic car. You don't have to break the bank by spending hundreds of thousands just to buy Italian exotics to win.

Of course, there are no absolute guarantees about which cars will be future classics, but if you follow our guide, you will be in a good position. So check out the cars we found to see if any of these future classics will tickle your fancy.

Buying advice

If a car excites you and you want to park something older and attractive in your driveway, there are some checks you really need to do. Most of them are no different than buying any other used car, which means you have to pay to check the vehicle history.

Once you've done that, check the car's service history - ideally you're looking for a vehicle that has a folder full of bills, invoices and receipts - and be sure to check the DVLA’s MoT history website for information on all the tests performed available since 2005. It's free and can be found at Use this and the service history to determine if the car's mileage is real.

Then you fall into the category of accidental damage. The simple fact is that the older the car, the more distance it would have travelled and more likely it might have gone through some bumps. Ideally, you will find a unicorn that hasn’t had any repairs, but if you do find one, you should carefully examine the quality of the work. Quickly welded panels, poor color matching, or dark paint are not the hallmark of a no-cost repair. The front and rear of most cars are trouble areas, but when you look at a high-performance model, you need to look at the car from all angles carefully.

Best affordable future classics

Below we've rounded up a selection of cars, such as the models that have been made between 70’s and late 90’s that are fun to drive. We believe the various cars on our list have the potential for future classics. Some are just starting to see price increases, but we're also looking at new cars that can be a worthwhile long-term investment. 

1. Jaguar X300/ XJR/ XKR Coupe and convertible. 

2. Bentley Arnage T. 

3. Aston Martin DB7 Vantage.

4. M5 series BMW.

5. Ferrari and Porsche models as always especially the Limited edition cars.

6. Lamborghini.

7. Mercedes R129 SLs are also a favoured rising classic from the late eighties/ ninety’s.

8.  R230 SL 55 AMG from 2002.

Obviously all the above must be in top condition with full and detailed history.

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